Classic Touch Wood Floors is a locally owned and operated flooring contractor company which services a large chunk of central Pennsylvania, with a good amount of our business coming from the Bloomsburg and Danville communities. However, it should be said that we frequently take on jobs in areas like Hershey, Mount Carmel, Sunbury, and beyond. Feel free to visit our service area page for more information.

We have a passion for helping members of our Pennsylvania communities here at our local wood flooring company. We help families and individuals find a hardwood flooring solution that works for them financially, while being a major improvement in the overall “classy” department when it comes to their home’s’ appearance. We are experts in wood floor repair, wood floor restoration, and hardwood installation.

But today we will depart from our traditional topics, which have centered around hardwood flooring care and other tips of that nature, in lieu of highlighting one of our favorite Pennsylvania communities – Bloomsburg, PA. Today’s post will help our readers who are considering a move to this lovely town. We will highlight a few of the more unique activities and events that Bloomsburg has to offer. So if you are interested in moving to Bloomsburg, or perhaps you already have, but are looking to reinvest in your community, read on!

Bloomsburg Town Park

Let’s start with a good foundation. Something that everyone can enjoy is a well-maintained city park. Whether you have children looking to run around and get some energy out, you want to feed some ducks by yourself, or are looking for a relaxing daytime date idea, Bloomsburg Town Park has a little slice of heaven for everybody.

The park offers green grass and plenty of open space. There’s also a band shell for concerts, sports fields, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and other traditional features you would associate with a classic American park.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Just next door to Bloomsburg, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is an excellent choice if you are specifically wanting to get up close and personal with wild animals. It’s an awesome option for kids because of the variety of wildlife they have on display. On the safari bus tour, you’ll see exotic animals ranging from pythons, tigers, Asian Water Buffaloes, lions, kangaroos, zebras, and many more. Check out their special events page for more information on how you can get up and personal with wildlife from six continents!

Here is what Jamie C., from Akron, had to say about her experience at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park from her five star review this May. “Awesome place! The Safari tour is great and you can buy food to feed the animals. They also have a petting zoo and other zoo exhibits. They also sell for there. The food prices are between 5-9 dollars for combo meals. Admission is $7.00 for ages 3 and up 2 and under is free. The Safari tour is $6.00 for ages 3 and up, under 2 is free. Parking is free. They also have a military discount free park admission and Safari tour military ID required. It’s great for all ages and worth checking out! You won’t be disappointed!”. Clearly, Lake tobias Wildlife Park is a must-see among Bloomsburg activities!

Ozzy’s Family Fun Center

If you and the family are looking for a good time for the whole family – no matter what time of the year it is – then Ozzy’s Family Fun Center is certainly worth your consideration. Ideal for birthday parties, company picnics, field trips, church events, a fun saturday afternoon, or even all night jamborees, this fun center is a relatively inexpensive option for people looking to enjoy a variety of physical activities. Choose from blaster boats, go carts, mini-golf, rock climbing, roller skating, laser tag, an open play area, indoor video batting cages, and much more. Located very near to Bloomsburg in Leesport, it’s worth the quick drive over.

Brandon L., an employee of Ozzy’s Family Fun Center, had this to say about the new roller skating club that Ozzy’s has just started. “Ozzy’s also has a brand new competitive roller figure skating club that teaches the newest and best techniques in the world. As the instructor, I have undergone hours of seminars and discussions with some of the world’s top instructors to ensure that Learn to Sk8 class participants are learning the best sport in the world in the most fun and safe way possible! We’re also the only club in our region that utilizes a state of the art jump harness that helps our skaters learn harder elements without the fear of excessive and painful falling!”

If you are interested in becoming a world-class roller skater, the choice is easy. Move to Bloomsburg!

Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Bloomsburg is one of the top white water rafting opportunities in the area. About an hour away from Bloomsburg proper, is much more than just your average rafting provider. Experience the rush of a 900 ft. long zipline, get in a paintball battle with your loved ones (make sure they don’t become your enemies), take an awesome mountain biking trek, and experience guided whitewater rafting in the Pocono Mountains on the Lehigh River.

Eric from New Jersey had this to say about his experience at Whitewater Rafting Adventures. “The staff at Whitewater Rafting Adventures is excellent, knowledgeable and very well educated in all aspects of rafting and the river itself… They were accommodating to our group from the beginning and did everything they could to make our trip as perfect as could be… Loved the river. It was beautiful. Can’t wait to try some class 3 rapids next time we go.” There you have it, an all-around great time which is sure to get the heart rate up at the same time.

The Bloomsburg Fair

We’ve been highlighting a few activities that are certainly within a reasonable driving distance of Bloomsburg, but let’s talk about an annual event that takes place within the city itself. Going on this year from September 22 through the 30th, this September’s fair marks the 162nd annual Bloomsburg Fair. North of 350,000 people attended both the 2015 and 2016 iterations, and 2017s looks like it won’t be any different.

At the fair, you can enjoy live music, carriage rides, helicopter rides, classic carnival events, with a few special events throughout the week long experience. For example, on the 30th and 31st there will be a Bald Eagle Kennel Club Dog Show, and the weekend kicks off on the 22nd and 23rd with the Christmas In July Shopapalooza! With livestock on display and, get this, a bengal tiger show, the Bloomsburg Fair is sure to have something for everyone.

“I rode the helicopter here for the first time, you can’t beat the price! I held a monkey, ate a Twinx (Twix stuffed in a Twinkie wrapped in bacon battered and deep fried), a hot dog with peanut butter, had an apple milkshake, and played some bingo. There aren’t fairs like this out west so I got my fill for at least a couple of years. Until the next time Bloomsburg Fair!” April D., from Las Vegas, knows a good fair when she sees one. Tickets go on sale in less than a week!

Bloomsburg Hardwood Floor Company

We hope that these high level snapshots of some Bloomsburg events and activities has encouraged locals and those of you in consideration to become locals to get outside and enjoy yourselves. But whether you are moving into the area or were born and raised here, remember Classic Touch Hardwood Floors for any and all of your hardwood repair and hardwood installation needs. We have a passion for helping members of our community turn a house into their dream home. That is why we are Bloomsburg’s flooring contractors of choice for so many. Whether you are interested in a custom hardwood floor or are looking to restore your hardwood floor, we have the experience and professionalism that counts. Get your free quote from the Bloomsburg wood flooring experts, today.